Monday, July 8, 2013

Gerald's 64th Reunion

It Was a Grand And Glorious Night

Many of you have had a 5th Reunion. Many of you might even have had a 10th reunion.

We don't deal in such ordinary drivel. We go outside the norm. Here, we bring you Gerald White's 64th annual reunion of the Blakesburg High class of '49 in 2013.

The statistics are impressive. of 17 graduating Seniors, 6 showed up for the 64th Reunion. A further 4 were alive and well, but unable to attend. Perhaps at the 65th more will show (7 of 17 showed up)? One poor soul missed it by a month, if you know what I mean, and he truly was missed.

Gerald White is the most fascinating man you'll never meet. As the first picture shows, he is a shadowy figure of the distant mountains. But here, we take away the mystique and show you: Gerald White's 64th Reunion!!!!

For pictures of Blakesburg, Iowa, please click here.
For pictures of Gerald's friends, please go here.
For pictures of Ottumwa, Iowa, please go here.
For pictures from the 2014 reunion, please go here.

A shadowy figure of the mountains - revealed!

The event was held at Brooklyn's Restaurant in Blakesburg, Iowa. Several classes were feted.

Gerald worked the room like a pro

"Quick with a joke, or to light up your smoke...."

Brooklyn's was great, lots of condiments.

Everybody was very friendly and chatty

I'm still trying to figure out the significance of the star on the wall. This was Iowa, not Texas.

The entrance - to a night of dreams!

I'm not sure what the significance of this guy pointing was, to be truthful.

I'm watching you !

If you notice, in the background, the Mafia was around to give the proceedings gravitas.

This is just a random shot. OK, I admit it, I thought the girl in the middle was cute.

This nice lady got up to give a speech. We weren't sure what to expect.

Simon Says!!!!!

This was a very nice lady. I believe she lives in Texas now.

Yearbook photos. I think the first one was the Principal.

Gerald actually was the third from the left, top row

Albert Einstein was not a member of the class of '49.

Thumbs way up!

Everybody was swell about posing for pictures. Thanks!

Everybody spent a lot of time wondering if this one was dating that one, you know how that goes

You may be wondering about the presence of Elvis. So was I. Is he really dead?

Go Blakesburg!

Somebody went to an awful lot of trouble to set this up. I salute them!

Blakesburg High no longer exists. This was held in the old gym, which does remain

I'm not really sure of the significance of this, but Pinball was big back then.

Rock and roll!

This... is... Blakesburg!!!

Group shot, class of '49

It was a rockin' reunion!

Thumbs up, baby!

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