Monday, July 8, 2013

Blakesburg, Iowa

Middle America in the Summertime

A video and some pictures from middle America taken around July 4, 2013. To wit, Blakesburg, Iowa.

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The above video was taken at the annual high school reunion on June 29, 2013. Blakesburg High ceased to exist in the mid-'70s because the town just wasn't big enough to support a high school any longer. They later tore down the old schoolhouse, but fortunately the gymnasium remains. This is where they have the class reunions every year.

This was the Fourth of July celebration, held in the town square

I like this one, just think it sets up right.

She was actually quite accomodating about having her picture taken

She was a good sport. Really, she was.

Chicken Bingo. A chicken is put in a cage, and people bet where it will poop. I am not shitti... kidding you.

This was the back-up chicken. I think he felt left out.

To end the suspense, he eventually went on Number 8

There was a throwing contest, measured with a speed gun. The boys were in the 40s, the girls in the 30s.

This boy won at Chicken Bingo! Asked who he was, he replied, "I am awesome."

This is the Blakesburg aerodrome.

Apparently, the owners became rich in California and decided to go ostentatious.

Goodbye, chicken!!!

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