Monday, February 20, 2012

Vienna, Austria, the Kunsthistorisches Museum

I breezed into Vienna without any plans, so just wandered around.  While a major European capital, the historic section is fairly compact inside a ring street (the famous.Ringstraße).  This is me at lunchtime outside of the famous
Kunsthistorisches Museum (English: "Museum of Art History", also often referred to as the "Museum of Fine Arts") in the center of town.  To tell the truth, I can't even recall if I went inside.  I think I might have - but if I did, I don't remember a thing about it.  But then, I've been in a lot of European Museums, and museum memories can run together.  Fortunately, I still have my daily diary which I would write out every night on the train, so I could look it up there.

To be truthful, Vienna wasn't one of my favorite stops.  It is large and, well, just a big city.  I prefer smaller, more intimate towns where you can feel as if you've experienced it and not just passed through it.  But it was fun walking around in the sunshine, so I enjoyed myself.  I may have left my big green pack at the train station, you could still do that then, but more likely it was what the camera was resting upon.  Pretty fountain, don't you think?

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